The story

We are a team of young and enterprising farmers with a desire
to provide consumers with quality products
We are specialized in the cultivation, processing, and
packaging of fine organic herbs.


Our herbs are certified organic, handpicked and produced in lands
from Northern Greece to Western Greece and its surrounding islands.


First Contact

At a very young age, Andreas Schizas, founder of Iperos, discovers the beautiful world of Herbs. His mentor guide through this journey was his father, who taught him primarily the respect to Nature, as a fundamental stone for a social and ecological conscious farmer. He introduced to him the secrets of the alternative way to grow herbs and taught him the needs and properties of each plant, as his family’s ancestors had taught him.


His love and knowledge on herbs lead Andreas to form Iperos in 2014. The first line of Iperos Aromatic Herbs was created and presented to the Greek market.

The people

Sotiris Kotoulas (Farmer & Computer Technician) was the first person who joint Iperos in 2016. His knowledge contributed the maximum, in their effort to develop new and effective cultivation methods and to expand the varieties of Aromatic Herbs in their line.

Samson Pomakis, was the second farmer who joined the Iperos Group. His excellent market knowledge brought fresh ideas to the team. His efforts resulted in the creation of the innovative Herb Sodas line.


The engagement in the cultivation and the processing of organic herbs brought together other farmers from all around Greece, who shared the same passion in Herbs and the same respect towards Nature. United under the Iperos Brand, they collaborated by sharing their knowledge and by helping one another to contribute the maximum to achieve their goal: to provide the highest quality aromatic herbs in Greece and abroad.


Iperos currently lists more than 15 producers from all over Greece in its group, one central processing and packaging facility in Alexandria Imathia and 2 small-scale herbal drying and storage units in Greece.


Are you a producer? If you are on the look for someone to help you with packing your own crop of herbs and spices look no further! Our facilities are organic certified and a parted by a skillful team.  Contact us

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