Lemon Balm Greek Organic Herb, 25g

Lemon Balm Greek Organic Herb, 25g


Lemmon balm also called Melissa, is a perennial herbaceous plant. It belongs to the family of the scented plant, mint family and it is originally from Central Europe, the Mediterranean basin. Melissa is used mostly for flavoring but it seems to have a multipurpose use. Also its trees are used to attract bees as it produces essential oil which is the reason for being called the lemon balm. It serves as flavors in herbal tea, both hot and iced and most times, is used with other mint herbs. It’s essential oil, lemon balm oil, is popular and it has been used successfully used in traditional medicine for years, in China and other places around the world. Lemon balm oil is used in helping with conditions like insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, diabetes, herpes, and dementia.

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