Organic Herbs

Our herbs are the core of our products.

Taking advantage of the rich herb varieties in Greece,
we have been able to create pure and premium organic
herb variants.

100% Certified

Organic is what defines us. Everything we do, from our fields to the shelf is being monitored by organic principles and follow strict guidelines.

Indigenous Plants

Another success for us is growing our herbs in specific and native locations which give a characteristic distinction in taste and quality.

Eco Package

Driven by sustainable development and holistic approach policies, we have selected for all our products eco friendly and reusable packaging.

usda certified

Sparkling soft drinks with the refreshing power of herbs.
An enjoyable refreshment with unique flavors, created with the power of greek herbs.

organic herbs

Feel the aroma..Finest premium organic Herbs from Greece. Cultivated in the fertile lands of Greece, embraced by the sun,  grown with love & respect.



Are you a producer? If you are on the look for someone to help you with packing your own crop of herbs and spices look no further! Our facilities are organic certified and a parted by a skillful team.  Contact us